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Caribe China: Ventana a la modernidad

Part of the team that designed a developed an accessible exhibition for an iconic Modernist china that was produced locally with the best quality, recognized globally.

The entrance to the exhibition site: Fundación Luis Muñoz Marín, Trujillo Alto, Puerto Rico.









Blind people were able ro “read” the paragraphs in each panel.








People enjoyed the haptic properties of the exhibition, as it was closer to bodily experience than standard exhibitions.








Six wall panels and two table panels designed with Braille were assembled into the exhibition room.









There were three china displays on the exhibition. Each one of them had a specific kind of china, parallel to some of the wall panels, as each of them had a different theme/concept.









The Office of Marvel and Marchand Architects

Part of the team that designed and developed the accessible website for the Office of Marvel & Marchand Architects, LLP.

Screen of the splash page, which had a slideshow with pictures of the physical site of the architectural office.
A timeline was designed and programmed to show numerous examples of the office’s various types of projects.


The metaphor to show each project was to enhance the building, giving it a starring role with its conceptualization, hence the sketch as a first view of each one of the projects.


Hotel Excelsior Typography

I was part of the team at Rubberband Sociedad de Diseño (2008-09), which contributed in the design for the rest of the alphabet that was originally commissioned by a businesswoman who owned a Puerto Rican hotel during the 1960s.

The double L character, widely used in Spanish language, is one of the iconic characters of this typeface.







The completed alphabet of the regular version of Hotel Excelsior as of Summer 2008.







Trying how the typeface responds to upper and lowercase with The quick brown fox jumps over a lazy dog.

The Family Department of the Government of Puerto Rico launched a campaign to attract prospective adoptive parents into finding their match; a child that needs a home.

It was a 360 campaign. It regards to my participation in this beautiful project was to design the user experience and lead the production of all the deliverables within a producion timetable for a responsive & accessible microsite which focused on leading the prospective parent to fill two forms: one with general information and another which basically cemented the basis of the application.

You may see the wireframes for the website below:

You may find below some screen shots of various sections of the microsite







Lestoil Hack del Año

Lestoil Puerto Rico launched a user generated content based contest in which the users could submit their hacks for the possibility to win money. This was aligned to the brand’s online strategy to highlight the creative spirit of the target user.

I was responsible for the user experience design and management of resources (internal/external) of the project.

Instance userflow:



lestoil_yearhack_mobile_submission lestoil_yearhack_mobile_voting Lestoil_yearhack_mobile_winners[1] lestoil_yearhack_voting_rev22-7-15

Layout (submission period):



Tu primera tarjeta

Bancoop is a cooperative based bank which launched a campaign with two new products, a debit card and a credit card focused on a younger target. We designed and developed a responsive landing page to inform the clients of the benefits of both their products. It can be accessed at

I was responsible for the user experience design and the management of the resources (internal & external) that produced and developed the project.

Mobile wireframes:


Bancoop_mobile_home_swipeB Bancoop_mobile_menu

Current website (desktop view):

Screen Shot 2016-07-27 at 9.49.26 AM


Current website (mobile view):

Walmart Puerto Rico Template Design Optimizations

We provided the redesign of templates within Walmart Puerto Rico’s online property, the website. In support of Walmart’s strategic plan to enhance marketing with a DIY/Lifestyle approach, we aimed to provide prospective clients with an improved customer interaction. The redesign focused on building a content rich website which provided a simplified and more user-friendly approach for existing and potential clients.

WM_wireframes_11mayo_Page_5 WM_wireframes_11mayo_Page_4 WM_wireframes_11mayo_Page_3 WM_wireframes_11mayo_Page_2 WM_wireframes_11mayo_Page_1

Interface Design Course at Universidad del Turabo

I was given the opportunity to teach an Interface Design course to 3rd and 4th year Graphic Design Students, at Escuela Internacional de Diseño. I taught them the principles & methodologies of Interaction and User Experience Design. The students were able to test their own wireframes and prototypes for mobile apps they designed.

The curriculum started off with a Heuristics Evaluation of an existing app, then they proceeded to research on their prospective clients (based on briefs), develop personas, scenarios, task analysis, wireframes (which they tested upon real users) and a final working prototype.

Final prototype (iOS version) of Hospital del Maestro’s mobile app:

Screen Shot 2016-03-30 at 7.25.12 PM

App prototype credits: John Ortiz, Karla Flores & Gerardo Soto (group)


Walmart Digital Catalog (Navilooks & Diario de Verano)

Walmart Puerto Rico decided to launch its first digital catalogue, focused on the categories of apparel and personal care.

We proposed a platform in which different looks could be displayed with product and price information on a responsive microsite.

I produced the sitemap and wireframes based on the brand character and heuristics. I was also the Project Manager/Digital Producer for the project, working closely with all the production resources to complete all the dependencies according to the project’s timeline.

Desktop/tablet wireframes:



Mobile wireframes:



Desktop/tablet layouts for Navilooks (Christmas Season Catalogue):


Mobile layouts for Navilooks (Christmas Season Catalogue):


Mobile version for current catalogue (Spring/Summer), Diario de Verano.

Screen Shot 2016-07-27 at 9.52.20 AM

Desktop version for current catalogue (Spring/Summer), Diario de Verano. Screen Shot 2016-07-27 at 9.52.11 AM