Mobile web and iPhone app for Magacín

Magacín, the social and lifestyle Sunday magazine of El Nuevo Día, launched its multimedia platform last August, with in web and mobile applications. I conceptualized and designed the mobile web instance. I also redesigned the iPhone native application’s prototype.

Mobile web prototype for
For the mobile web version, taking the structure and aesthetic idiom of the desktop version as reference, I developed a navigation system which would allow users to browse through the categories in a seamless way. Hierarchy systems were applied to sections such as events, which needed to have up to four functional tiers of information.

Screen flow for Magacín mobile web index page.
Rapid prototyping, screen flow and navigation models were some of the information architecture and user-centered design methods used for this exercise. They allowed me to understood how to categorize and organize information according to the different levels of navigation the user was to access. It also helped me understand the mobile experience, which is so different from the desktop/web browser experience.


Several visualizations of the prototype.
The iPhone app prototype was an aesthetic improvement of the existent structure, taking the Apple UI Guidelines into consideration for the standard elements and output layouts, such as photo galleries and videos.