Hotel Excelsior Typography

I was part of the team at Rubberband Sociedad de Diseño (2008-09), which contributed in the design for the rest of the alphabet that was originally commissioned by a businesswoman who owned a Puerto Rican hotel during the 1960s.

The double L character, widely used in Spanish language, is one of the iconic characters of this typeface.







The completed alphabet of the regular version of Hotel Excelsior as of Summer 2008.







Trying how the typeface responds to upper and lowercase with The quick brown fox jumps over a lazy dog.


Pretzel Alphabet

Pretzel Alphabet (whole alphabet).

The Pretzel Alphabet came to me as a random idea in the summer of 2009, when I just graduated from my Master’s Degree in London. I was eating a bag of pretzels, and I thought I could make a whole alphabet without altering a single pretzel. I didn’t try to finish the alphabet at the time.

Nevertheless, the idea materialized in 2010, with the collaboration of Félix De Portu. I ate the pretzels, Félix took the photographs, and we both worked on the website design and programming.

Pretzel Alphabet index page.

On 2011, local based magazine Bacanal had a call for submissions on their food issue. We submitted the Pretzel Alphabet, and got it published.

Because of my ever-growing interest in interaction, I thought it would be great for people to try to make letters out of pretzels on the magazine’s launching party, held at Candela, Viejo San Juan. And so we did. The event was called “Eat your pretzels”.

Revista El Bacanal’s launching party at Candela, Viejo San Juan. (Feb 2011) Photo by Yvonne Santiago.
Intervention of pretzels at “Eat your pretzels”. Photo by Yvonne Santiago.
Digital projection of the alphabet’s slideshow onto the wall. Photo by Yvonne Santiago.